Peace: A pledge to my Self

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Whether you are two or one hundred and two, inner peace is up to you.

Peace is not an event, a campaign, or a movement.

It is a way of life we continually choose to lead every moment, hour to hour; day to day and throughout the year.

Print out the following and post it somewhere where it can remind you that:

I can change my mind about something that bothers me. I can see it differently. I can choose a different perception.

I can accept someone as a friend and equal even if I disagree with them.

I will respect everyone no matter their choice of lifestyle, politics, culture, sexual orientation; economics or religion.

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I exclude no one from my friendship.

I am happy when I stop believing my ego judgments and thoughts.

I choose to be happy today.

Peace is simply a choice! Really!

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There is no death

The Spiritual book, A Course In Miracles, tells us there is no death!


There is no death, The Son of God is Free.

There is no death because Spirit cannot die.

Spirit is eternal.

Why is death unreal?

Because it was not created by God.

God only creates the eternal.

God’s Son, YOU, are Spirit and YOU are eternal.

Death is the embodiment of the thought of guilt.

We carry guilt because we believe we have separated from God.

You can no more separate from God than you can separate from your thoughts.

A year ago a beloved relative died. However…….

He is not dead. His Spirit has moved on and we no longer see his

body but that still does not mean he is dead. He came to learn lessons.

The grief and sorrow we feel comes from detaching, letting him go.

The lesson: accept that death is natural to bodies. They are not eternal.

Rather than seeing bodies and personalities see the Spirit Christ Light within.

love what is eternal and attach to that – the loving sprit.

Love them for the Spirit they came and shared, but detach from the body they are not.

We are ONE Spirit. We are ONE Holy Son of God.

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Celebrate their reality; the Son of God; the Christ they are, and you will know that

death is not real. No one dies. And neither will you.

Light and Joy and Peace Abide in YOU

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Yes! Light and Joy are within you! You find reminders in the world:

A Sunset

A Grandchild’s smile

Your Favorite Pet

A big juicy peach

But whatever the reminders are – Ask yourself where does the perception of Light and Joy come from?

They come from a decision in your MIND!

You have decided to see the JOY.

If you are not seeing JOY it is because YOU are making the decision not to.

Look at someone you judge and decide to see JOY instead.

Let everything be a reminder to you of JOY and LIGHT. Why not? It is up to YOU.

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See A Course In Miracles – Lesson 112 – Light and Joy and Peace Abide in Me

What do I know?


It has been one year since I started this blog…..sharing thoughts from my spiritual journey with truth seekers. The illusory world does not care and it does not matter anyway because the ego runs the illusion. If you don’t know what anything is for I can tell you. It is for forgiveness.

What do I KNOW?

Nothing in this world is true.

Nothing in this world is real.

God IS. That’s all I know.

Do I see God with mortal eyes? NO

Do I feel God with a mortal Body? NO

Do I know what love is? Sometimes.

Do I know that LOVE exists? YES

How do I know that LOVE exists?

From a mystical experience words could not describe

But, I tried anyway because I needed to understand it, in a poem called

The Greatest Gift. It was my way to hold on to the beauty

and to always remember that only Love is Real and never ever

forget the Magnificence that I knew and now have known.

This is what I know:

Forgive everyone for everything including yourself and you’ll be happy.

God Is. Love Is.

I am Love. You are Love.

Only the Love within is Real.



Poem: The Greatest Gift can be read on this blog posted December 24, 2013

Detaching from the false self

My day of liberation: Detaching.

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On Wednesday, July 23, 2014 – it was a day that will live in (my awakening) infamy! And maybe Diego’s too!

My spiritual practice, being non-dual, tells us that this world is an illusion and that we are not bodies rather we are spiritual beings who can never die. Yes the body dies but we are not it. We are much more.

On this day while taking my morning shower I had the urge, to before dressing, to stand in my backyard nude and proclaim to the Universe “I am not a body, I am free, for I am still as God created me.” I have a fairly private back yard.

In this world we are separated by our individual identities inhabiting bodies, and separated even more by names, our status, country, culture and religion. Even animals, flowers, plants, rocks and dirt are named and considered separate entities. We feel alone and separate and apart from Oneness. But feelings lie, they are not true.

However, we are more than a named thing. We are not a thing, we are beings that are joined by the mystery that gives us everything we need and most of all love. After showering I made sure my husband was busy on his computer and completely nude, opening the sliding glass door, I stepped out on the deck.

Diego stirred, “It’s alright Diego! Sit.” And with that I gingerly stepped off the deck and stood on the patio. I stretched my arms and face to the sky and turning around and around proclaiming –

*“I am not a body, I am free, for I am still as God created me.”

A July Thunderstorms had brought a cloudy morning and I could feel a slight drizzle on my upturned face. I said goodbye to Diego and retraced my steps.

Doing something I would never, ever do has taken me years. Now in a 70 plus year old body, I finally had the courage. You notice I didn’t do it in front of anyone else. Well just Diego and he wears his furry birthday suit all the time so he understands.

Why is this inner peace for me? Peace is detaching. As we age we are more and more concerned about our pending death. If we can detach from the body, little by little we are liberated from the grossness of form, that we are not, and enter to the spirit self that we are, and share with everyone.

It is a life’s work and it started many years ago as I wondered “Who am I, What am I and why am I here.” I now know who I am is spirit, inhabiting a body, and I came to learn the lessons of my particular classroom, my assignment and forgive everything, everyone and most of all my self so I can go Home.

We all share the same name of “Spirit” even if we have names that separate us. Maybe we should add spirit to our name, for example: Spirit Jane Doe; or Spirit John Doe. This is the shared Oneness regardless what our culture, religion or even the era we lived in while on earth. We are connected as Spirit to both past and future. Bodies come and go, but Spirit comes to learn lessons and then moves on via a thing called death. Death, a conveyor belt moving through time that cleanses and washes us of our egoic selves so we can know our truth and be free.

I don’t want to recommend this “bodily” liberation process unless you have a private place because we still live in a world with laws about exposing one’s self. But of course, liberation is a state of mind and you can do it in the privacy of your home. For some reason I wanted the sky to know and the proclamation to extend out into space and beyond to Heaven that is our Home. And Diego didn’t even bark, he understood.

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*A Course In Miracles, Workbook Review VI, Lesson 219 – August 7
I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.”
Review of Lesson: 199) “I am not a body. I am free.”

The Inevitable

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When seeing this (a sinless world) is all we want to see,

when this is all we seek for in the name of true perception,

are the eyes of Christ inevitably ours.

And the Love He feels for us becomes our own as well.

This will become the only thing we see reflected in the world and in ourselves.”

Quote: A Course in Miracles – Workbook Lesson 181 – I trust my brothers who are one with me. paragraph 8. sentences. 4,5 and 6. (click on lessons to listen to the entire lesson.)

To see comments on suicide go to:

Alert! Decision maker choosing ego!

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Whenever you become upset about anything remember it is your *decision maker choosing the ego thought system. Choose again. Re-direct the decision maker to the Holy Spirit within your mind.

Whatever it is that upsets you; neighbors dog barking; boss rude; friend doesn’t call or answer e-mail; have a lousy cold; grief; death of a loved one; current situation in the middle east; Jews bombing Palestine; Palestine bombing the Jews; War; or all the problems of the world and life in general, they will never cease. There is always a problem to replace the last problem that was solved. But you do have the choice to see problems differently. How do you perceive things?

It does not matter what the problem is. You have chosen to notice it and let it upset you. You want it. You want to be upset….because your ego mind wants you in a state of unsettledness.

You have a powerful mind, given to you by God. At birth you were imbued with the spark that connects you to the great mystery; the One that is Father.

You have free will and can THINK anything you want. You can side with the ego or choose to listen to the voice of Peace, the Holy Spirit within. Test it out!

Try it, you’ll like it!!


Sunriver, OR

*Dr. Kenneth Wapnick coined the term “decision maker” meaning that part of your mind that can and will choose. You are no longer a helpless victim of the ego’s thought system. You can choose between it and the other voice within, the voice of love, grace, compassion, the Holy Spirit within.

His books on the Course In Miracles are available at:

Why War?

Why War?

“That since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be constructed.”

The preamble to the UNESCO Charter adopted Nov. 16, 1945

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The path to inner peace means changing the minds of men and women of the world. A mind that chooses peace as its goal is always “aware” of the thoughts contained within: Do they reflect peace or war? Here are some statements that could be used in “defense” of peace:

You and I are the same

I am you, and you are me

Whatever I see in you, also is in me

I am responsible for how I see and think

I choose to have an open mind

I refuse prejudice wherever it dwells

I exclude no one from my love

This world is an illusion but love is real

Love is all there is

We are One Humanity

I belong to all Religions and Faiths that honor God/ Allah/Yahweh/Creator

What are other statements in “defense” of Peace? Please post them here.

The above photo is the front of the United Congregational Church of Christ in Ashland, Or
whose membership made a donation to the building fund to the Islamic Mosque in Phoenix, OR

The Grace of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is Grace


The only thing to forgive is our self for believing the “seeming” separation from God. That is what A Course In Miracles calls The Atonement : acknowledging and remembering we are not separate from God….. because it is impossible that we could ever be separate from God, Oneness, our Source. That is like a wave “believing” it is separate from the Ocean.

We are loved beyond our comprehension but the ego mind denies it because if we ever accepted that we are loved, we would withdraw our belief in the ego and that is a very big threat.

So the ego is busy, busy, busy running the programs that keep us in lock step with it and all our goals in its favor. You know, that busy chatter that runs in the background throughout the day.

Your assignment on the spiritual path, whether a student of the Course or another, is to look at the ego’s gyrations, wait and judge not. When we are still for a moment and go within and wait, we are quieting the mind enough to hear the still small voice of Spirit that is always there, and waiting for an opportunity to offer its peaceful guidance and to be heard.

Its guidance can be a quiet little peaceful thought and it may not come right away but only in stilling the ego chatter, will it be heard. In other words you quiet ego the chatter by not acknowledging it or letting the thoughts pull you into a boiling brew. Just notice them, let them go and wait.

*A Course In Miracles Lesson 84
Love holds no grievances.
Grievances are completely alien to love. Grievances attack love and keep its light obscure. If I hold grievances I am attacking love, and therefore attacking my Self. My Self thus becomes alien to me. I am determined not to attack my Self today, so that I can remember Who I am.
These specific forms for applying this idea would be helpful:

This is no justification for denying my Self.
I will not use this to attack love.
Let this not tempt me to attack myself.

That is Grace. God Is.


click on “hear lesson”

Congratulations Graduate!

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Here is an article I wrote for my grandson who graduated from preschool!

Sharing wisdom is what we can do no matter who we are; where we are; or how old, young; our current culture or religion; working or retired!

Share your wisdom and help someone – even if you don’t know who they are. You can know they are the same as YOU however!


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