Your Beautiful Beneficient Mind


There is a blessed relief that washes over us when we feel loved.

A blue jay recently bounced onto a flimsy oak branch outside my window with an acorn in its beak. It flew to the ground and hopped around the garden looking for just the right place to store it. A few minutes later it was sitting in the pear tree, sans acorn. I know it is storing food for the future but it is also taking care of my little yard and our planet too. I feel loved and I appreciate its beautiful blueness. I see its actions extending beyond its everyday duties for the good of everything. Maybe tomorrow I won’t feel loved but if I can stop and recall the blue jay, and the goodness inherent in you and all living things, the love will return. I am reminded of Love’s Presence daily if I look for it rather than the opposite.

We see the bitter struggles and the aching sense of being on the outside looking in when we watch the news and the Middle East refugees trying to find a place of respite for themselves and their families. As Course students we know this world is not our home. We are all refugees as we live the scripts of our lives and learn the lessons we came to learn.

Everyone fights a hard battle on planet earth: addictions, homelessness, combat PTSD, suicides, culture, race, Black Lives Matter and everyone needs love, acceptance and peace. If we can let a thought of pure joy fill our mind, for just an instant: Respite Is, Peace Is! We care, we weep, but weeping doesn’t help. A thought of LOVE does. It has recently been proven that a mind can “pick up” thoughts and we have sense perceptions we are not aware of. But just because we are unaware does not mean they are not there.

In the book “The Source Field Investigations,” author David Wilcox calls this consciousness transfer, pg. 33. He describes it thus: “Dr. Charles Tart of Berkeley, CA conducted an experiment where he gave himself electric shocks and then attempted to “send” his pain to another person who was the “receiver.” The other person in another room was wired up to measure heart rate, blood volume and other physiological signals. Tart found that the receiver’s body did indeed respond to the shocks through such things as an increased in heart rate and a decrease in blood volume but the receiver had no conscious knowledge of when Dr. Tart was sending them.” I wonder what would have happened if Dr. Tart had sent love instead of pain?

As Course students we are told that thought creates form! What if my angry thoughts create war somewhere?

A Course In Miracles states in the introduction to Chapter 5. 3.

“You are being blessed by every beneficent thought in any of your brothers anywhere. You should want to bless them in return, out of gratitude. You need not know them individually or they you. The light is so strong that it radiates throughout the Sonship and returns thanks to the Father for radiating His joy upon it.” Your mind is very powerful.

Send loving beneficent thoughts out into the world, to people we want to help, to our neighborhood and town can be “received” on some level.

Send loving thoughts to someone you DON’T LIKE! In the Course its called projection. So love them and you will be loving yourself. Forgive yourself for believing your ego!

Can the sunbeam be separate from the sun? Can an idea be separate from the mind that thinks it? Peace is giving beneficent love and in so doing, we also feel love and know we are not separate or alone.

The cure for loneliness: Send love to someone.

Use it to go to sleep at night.

Be cognizant of the ego part of the mind that does not believe we could possibly be connected, want peace or love for that matter. It loves to exclude, separate, condemn and judge. Watching politics is proof enough. Watch politics with the Holy Spirit.

However, the ego does not represent Truth. Love and forgiveness is as close to Truth as we can get in duality. Let the world “go” and realize its whims or yours do not last for long. Identify with your true Self/ Spirit/Soul /Mind that is connected to everyone.

God/Love is not distant but found within.

There is a blessing in Unity churches which ends with the words “Wherever I am, God is.” You can also say “Wherever I am, Love is.”



My condemnation injures me!

Water Lillies

My condemnation injures me! Really?

Realizing that the condemnation I might heap on another can injure myself is hard to believe but let’s investigate it further.

If I hold a grievance against someone for something they did or didn’t do and I avoid that person, crossing the street, or going to the other end of the store to avoid them means I am not free. I am in a pain of sorts but I don’t want to recognize it. As long as I see someone as ________ (fill in the blank) my mind is locked and a locked (blocked) mind is suffering even though it may not realize it.

When I condemn someone I am the prisoner. I am the prisoner of my own hate (judgment). I am projecting _______on someone rather than recognizing it in myself. It is called projection. I am projecting ______ onto someone else, usually something distasteful; not recognizing it is within me as well. I am in denial but I “feel better” since I am getting rid of ______ by projecting it outside of myself. They are guilty – NOT ME!

Since I began the spiritual practice of A Course In Miracles, my goal for peace is to see no one as separate from myself and to exclude no one from my love.

Except for_______! What about her? I have to be truthful with myself and acknowledge the condemnation I have placed on her if I want to choose peace and awaken from the dream the Course says we are in. She must be my enemy if I condemn her. Do I want to give up the condemnation in order to have peace?

Yes I do when I finally recognize what I have been doing. I stop condemning another and realize I am injuring myself by not forgiving and awakening from the ego’s dream.

Crossing the street to avoid someone is a wakeup call. It is a call to stop the condemnation to recognize it is time to change my mind about this “enemy” I have not wanted to recognize. We look at the problem with our elder brother Jesus and while holding his or the Holy Spirit’s hand we see the projection and do not accept guilt in its place. Then we laugh!

The Course says in lesson 198. Only my condemnation injures me.

“Condemn and you are a prisoner of your thoughts. Forgive and you are freed. This is the law that rules projection. Forgiveness sweeps dreams away. Forgiveness is a dream too but it breeds no others. Illusions end. Forgiveness is the dream of waking. It is God’s plan. You hold the answer to your problems in your hands.”

The method of forgiveness that works for me is to sit quietly, eyes closed. I visualize the person in my mind. I see myself hugging them and saying

“You are a Holy Son of God along with me. We are equal as brothers; we are equally loved by God and I hold you in the light of love.”

When we commit to choosing peace, it means carefully watching the ego part of the mind. We are vigilant for the little condemnations. When one comes up says “Ah ha! Gotcha ego.” And do the work to free yourself from the silliness it is.

To read or hear lesson 198 go to and click on workbook lessons and then the list. When the lesson comes up click on “hear”

God Is. You are loved!


A Butterfly Encounter

A Butterfly visited in my Ashland, OR Garden

It is a Lorquin Admiral – per Butterfly Identification posted on line.


I took several pictures while holding my breath. It was a windy day.


And another picture.


I thought about capturing it and saving it for my grandchildren to see, but what would that have taught them? That it is OK to kill something for their pleasure? That it is OK to take something from nature that has a right to live, as we do.

It is not that rare to capture butterflies but I realize it was the love in me that propelled me for my camera. I love beauty! It fills my soul with the mystery and loveliness of nature.

As the Course In Miracles says in the Manual for Teachers, #11. How is peace possible in this world?
4. “Peace is impossible to those who look on war. Peace is inevitable to those who offer peace.”

Let us offer peace to all creatures and be grateful that they are in our lives.

Doing so gives us inner peace.

You are the Light of the World

Grievances hide your light!



A grievance, an upset, anger, frustration or any annoyance hides the light that is within.

When you see an angry person what do you perceive, light or darkness? Grievances and light cannot go together and vision is impaired when darkness runs rampant through the mind. In order to see clearly the grievance must be laid aside. Whatever it is that is bothering you do not let it block the beauty within. Let it go. Holding onto it causes ulcers! Holding on to it causes illness. Just say “I have no need for this. I choose inner peace as my goal and I cannot have peace and hold a grievance in my mind.”

One day at work I saw a woman with an angry look on her face. She was looking at me so I wondered what I did to upset her. Her grievance was apparent. It turned out it was not me but something else that caused her upset but her light was “out.” Don’t let your light go out!
The world, your friends and family need it! Your light makes you healthy and beautiful.



Be as stately and as peaceful as a graceful Oak!
See A Course In Miracles lesson 68. Love holds no grievances and click on workbook lessons. Listen to the lesson.
Also Lesson 69. My grievances hide the light of the world in me.

Sally facilitates one of several A Course In Miracles study groups in the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon.

Celebrate the 4th Interdependence!

For 4th of July Peace – Celebrate by Joining vs Separation!

The 4th of July marks the time when the Declaration of Independence and separation from England and the tyranny of the King and the old world, was signed in Philadelphia in 1976.

Today we celebrate with fireworks and merrymaking and claim ourselves to be free.
Do you feel free? Free from what? What is it we want to be free or separate from?

Perhaps we need to celebrate freedom by joining with others instead of separation. When we join in the Oneness with all living things and everyone including our perceived enemies, we have peace, true peace.
We will have wars until we declare ourselves free from enmity. As a nation we just “recognized” Cuba!
Wow about time. It is only 100 miles from Florida!

President Lincoln said “ To defeat an enemy, make him your friend.” We cannot be free or happy when we exclude ourselves from others

This 4th of July celebrate Oneness with everyone in your life, your acquaintances, even those who may have moved beyond in space and time and instead of separating, join!

Join in the celebration that we are all here at this place and time on this tiny fragile speck in space, we call Mother Earth.

Be Kind; Be Strong; Be healthy, Be smart; Be YOU


Be Strong; Be Kind; Be Healthy; Be smart; Be YOU.

This is the message on a huge large billboard in the middle of the playground at Caughlin Ranch grade school in Reno, Nevada.

What a wonderful world it would be if every school had this message on the playground. What superb training for young minds! On the other end of the playground was another billboard with arithmetic quotes. And in the middle between the two was a huge painted colorful map of the US. Each state was a different color and no names so children could determine the names.

It was the Be Kind that drew my attention. Surely with this message there would be less selfishness, hatred, bullying and more understanding and thoughtfulness.

This school must have more peace than a school that does not have this form of educational care for its children.

How about organizing a sign like this in the community where you live?
Stop bullying in your neighborhood. It starts with education.

Sickness is of the mind not the body!


Sickness is of the mind.

Our thoughts of separation and guilt manifest as sickness in the body.

Bad news! We think the body becomes sick on its own account, catching colds, cancer or developing heart problems and we think we are a victim of it!

Our thoughts of judgment and especially the thought we could be separate from God created guilt in our mind and results in sickness in the body.

Sickness is used by the ego to prove we are a body and not Spirit, sickness then is a defense and proves we are separate from God.

Sickness is used as self deception, a defense to keep truth away.

The part of our mind that believed the ego’s lie that God hates us and will get us, followed it. The ego does not want us to know that it is false; a trickster.

We did not and could not ever leave God.

But in our deluded decision making mind we fell victim to its song of individuality and became a body!

This sounds like a bad dream and it is.

But it is not true because the body is not who we are. It will serve us well until we will, one day, lay it down and thank it for its usefulness and for lessons learned.

In the meantime, forgive everyone, everything and yourself for believing the ego’s lies and
know you are at home, safe, in Heaven with God and you never left.

You are a Light in this World because the Light is within you. Use your body to show everyone they are loved and teach them that they also have the Light within.


Go to
– click on workbook lessons and go to 136 – Sickness is a defense against the truth –
click on “hear” and let it be read to you.

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The Value of Forgiveness


In A Course In Miracles Lesson 122

Forgiveness offers everything I want.

Paragraph 5 of this beautiful lesson states:

“God’s plan for your salvation cannot change, nor can it fail. Be thankful it remains exactly as He planned it. Changelessly it stands before you like an open door, with warmth and welcome calling from beyond the doorway, biding you to enter in and make yourself at home, where you belong.”

Is there a door way for me?

Is there a door I don’t see?

What is beyond it that beckons?

Is it peace beyond peace?

A Love beyond Love?

Come Home where you belong and

Where you never left.


When you Forgive you receive forgiveness.

When you give forgiveness it is for you because

When you give YOU also receive.

The world holds no value except for the lessons

that teach of the valuable that was revealed in each one.

Feel the peace and the value that forgiveness has given.

Forgive your decision making mind for choosing the ego.

It is not True and now you know it.


Photos headwaters of the Sacramento River in Mt. Shasta City, Ca. and of course the
Mystical Mt. Shasta! – Workbook Lessons – click on lesson 122.

Who are we?

Who am I?

Who are You?

Our Spirit IS us.

We are United

In a Love that

came with us when we

were born into a body.

We are not bodies.

We think we are bodies

and identify with them.

However, when you leave

your body, you will still

be Spirit and Love.

The Eternal can never die.

Find that within your Self.


A Course In Miracles Lesson # 97 – I am Spirit – click on lessons and then select lesson 97 and click on hear and listen!

Giving and Receiving


Giving and Receiving are the same.

Inspired by A Course In Miracles Lesson 108 – To give and receive are one in Truth.

When we give something away, like a shirt or tie, it is gone. It is in the hands of another.

We may never see it again and hopefully the receiver will like it.

However, when we give love away, it is in the heart of another but even so, it

is also in our heart.

You cannot give LOVE away and yet not HAVE it. Perhaps the other person does not recognize

it or appreciate it. That is OK – you did!

When you give you also receive. You can give away as much as you want AND it is

still in your heart and mind.

Giving love away does not cost you anything. It can be a thought – just a sweet thought

like ” I do love you sweet Kelsey.” I think on some level of the Mind Kelsey will

receive it but in the giving, I also retained the love that I gave away.

How do I know she is not thinking of me right now?

I can give a smile away to someone at work, the grocery, gas station or bank.

That’s love, acceptance and noticing. That smile is still

in my mind and I received its benefits even if it is not returned.

So Giving is Receiving! Give Love away, it doesn’t cost a thing!

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