Be Kind; Be Strong; Be healthy, Be smart; Be YOU


Be Strong; Be Kind; Be Healthy; Be smart; Be YOU.

This is the message on a huge large billboard in the middle of the playground at Caughlin Ranch grade school in Reno, Nevada.

What a wonderful world it would be if every school had this message on the playground. What superb training for young minds! On the other end of the playground was another billboard with arithmetic quotes. And in the middle between the two was a huge painted colorful map of the US. Each state was a different color and no names so children could determine the names.

It was the Be Kind that drew my attention. Surely with this message there would be less selfishness, hatred, bullying and more understanding and thoughtfulness.

This school must have more peace than a school that does not have this form of educational care for its children.

How about organizing a sign like this in the community where you live?
Stop bullying in your neighborhood. It starts with education.

Sickness is of the mind not the body!


Sickness is of the mind.

Our thoughts of separation and guilt manifest as sickness in the body.

Bad news! We think the body becomes sick on its own account, catching colds, cancer or developing heart problems and we think we are a victim of it!

Our thoughts of judgment and especially the thought we could be separate from God created guilt in our mind and results in sickness in the body.

Sickness is used by the ego to prove we are a body and not Spirit, sickness then is a defense and proves we are separate from God.

Sickness is used as self deception, a defense to keep truth away.

The part of our mind that believed the ego’s lie that God hates us and will get us, followed it. The ego does not want us to know that it is false; a trickster.

We did not and could not ever leave God.

But in our deluded decision making mind we fell victim to its song of individuality and became a body!

This sounds like a bad dream and it is.

But it is not true because the body is not who we are. It will serve us well until we will, one day, lay it down and thank it for its usefulness and for lessons learned.

In the meantime, forgive everyone, everything and yourself for believing the ego’s lies and
know you are at home, safe, in Heaven with God and you never left.

You are a Light in this World because the Light is within you. Use your body to show everyone they are loved and teach them that they also have the Light within.


Go to
– click on workbook lessons and go to 136 – Sickness is a defense against the truth –
click on “hear” and let it be read to you.

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The Value of Forgiveness


In A Course In Miracles Lesson 122

Forgiveness offers everything I want.

Paragraph 5 of this beautiful lesson states:

“God’s plan for your salvation cannot change, nor can it fail. Be thankful it remains exactly as He planned it. Changelessly it stands before you like an open door, with warmth and welcome calling from beyond the doorway, biding you to enter in and make yourself at home, where you belong.”

Is there a door way for me?

Is there a door I don’t see?

What is beyond it that beckons?

Is it peace beyond peace?

A Love beyond Love?

Come Home where you belong and

Where you never left.


When you Forgive you receive forgiveness.

When you give forgiveness it is for you because

When you give YOU also receive.

The world holds no value except for the lessons

that teach of the valuable that was revealed in each one.

Feel the peace and the value that forgiveness has given.

Forgive your decision making mind for choosing the ego.

It is not True and now you know it.


Photos headwaters of the Sacramento River in Mt. Shasta City, Ca. and of course the
Mystical Mt. Shasta! – Workbook Lessons – click on lesson 122.

Who are we?

Who am I?

Who are You?

Our Spirit IS us.

We are United

In a Love that

came with us when we

were born into a body.

We are not bodies.

We think we are bodies

and identify with them.

However, when you leave

your body, you will still

be Spirit and Love.

The Eternal can never die.

Find that within your Self.


A Course In Miracles Lesson # 97 – I am Spirit – click on lessons and then select lesson 97 and click on hear and listen!

Giving and Receiving


Giving and Receiving are the same.

Inspired by A Course In Miracles Lesson 108 – To give and receive are one in Truth.

When we give something away, like a shirt or tie, it is gone. It is in the hands of another.

We may never see it again and hopefully the receiver will like it.

However, when we give love away, it is in the heart of another but even so, it

is also in our heart.

You cannot give LOVE away and yet not HAVE it. Perhaps the other person does not recognize

it or appreciate it. That is OK – you did!

When you give you also receive. You can give away as much as you want AND it is

still in your heart and mind.

Giving love away does not cost you anything. It can be a thought – just a sweet thought

like ” I do love you sweet Kelsey.” I think on some level of the Mind Kelsey will

receive it but in the giving, I also retained the love that I gave away.

How do I know she is not thinking of me right now?

I can give a smile away to someone at work, the grocery, gas station or bank.

That’s love, acceptance and noticing. That smile is still

in my mind and I received its benefits even if it is not returned.

So Giving is Receiving! Give Love away, it doesn’t cost a thing!

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Was Jesus a victim?


A Course In Miracles lesson 31 – I am not the victim of the world I see.

What a profound statement especially when we feel “put upon” by circumstances of the world, employers, spouses, parents, children, taxes and death to name a few.

Living in this crazy world we pay a price unless we refuse the concept of victimhood.

In the Course, Jesus says he did not consider himself a victim.

I am ever grateful to the MIND of Jesus for bringing the Course into the world and
telling us that He was not a victim, there is no death and suffering is optional!

He did not suffer because:

1. He knew he was not his body, his identity was invulnerable as Spirit;

2. He knew the world was an illusion, not real and therefore a dream and

3. He knew that he could not be killed, since Spirit can never die.

That is why there is no death. Jesus’s Mind contacted Helen Schucman and
through their collaboration the Course came into the world.

It would not have happened if Jesus was dead.

So Celebrate Easter, knowing there is no death. Jesus’s body was indeed destroyed but he wasn’t.

And you will never die either.

Happy Easter!


Change your Thoughts – Change Channels


We live in a dualistic world: war and peace; good and bad; hot and cold; short and tall and the list goes on. We also have a dualist mind that contains two thought systems: the voice of the ego or the voice of the Holy Spirit, truth and peace.

Watch your thoughts and you will figure out which voice you listen to.

The bad news is that the ego is the default system that is always running.

The good news is that YOU are the one with the remote! You are in charge of changing channels.

We are listening to the ego’s sly thoughts when our judgments are of someone or yourself. Worried or fearful thoughts of guilt or envy are certainly egoic thoughts. However, they are just thoughts. You don’t have to believe them. Ask yourself: How do I feel? To my mind the ego is always comparing, sizing up the situation, and a master at separating us from others.

For example one night I woke up worried about a planned trip. I could see my mind was going crazy with various scenarios and worry. However, I was worried about something that was in the future. I was projecting fear into the future. The ego went crazy building the case that I was going to miss my plane, or get air sick or stuck in bad weather, etc. I finally realized what was happening and changed channels. I repeated my favorite mind calming phrase “I rest in God” from Workbook lesson 109 and went to sleep. Choosing peace is a practice and a decision.

This example clearly shows that there is a part of the mind that is separate from the ego. It is the decision maker within that chooses, when you are aware enough, and you realize you are not at peace. Always ask: “How do I feel?” If not peaceful then it is up to you to change your thoughts.

I am forever and always inspired by the spiritual/psychological book, A Course In Miracles,
and in particular Lesson #106. Let me be still and listen to the truth.

“If you will lay aside the ego’s voice, however loudly it may seem to call; if you will not accept its petty gifts that give you nothing that you really want; if you will listen with an open mind, that has not told you what salvation is; then you will hear the mighty Voice of truth, quiet in power, strong in stillness, and completely certain in Its messages.”

May you be like this little Yew tree on our friends property! Strong and silent in its surroundings. Its size is not important because its Spirit is Everything.


Accept the Light that you are.

Apil 2014 2014-03-19 015

You have a spark of LIGHT within you.

Whenever you have a kind thought…..there it is.

When you offer help to a friend…..there it is.

When you feel compassion…..there it is.

Garden Iris 3

Everyone has it.

It’s even in someone you dislike.

IT is steady and never goes out.

IT is always there when we look.

IT is within when things look dark.

When we become sick IT is still there.

When we become depressed, lonely or afraid IT is there.

Find it, look for it within and embrace it.

Still your beautiful busy mind and IT is there.

When you feel afraid remember the light is within, IT is you and you are IT.

Where does IT come from.

IT is a mystery.

Mystics speak of IT…..the Light.

IT comes from a Love that is not of this world.

Yet IT is in You.

IT is YOU and IT never dies….neither will you.

Surrendering to the Inevitable

Ashland Creek 2

“When something has gone to the trouble of happening it is
best to consider it inevitable in my opinion.”

From “My talks with Dean Spanley” by Baron Dunsany and
the 2008 movie “Dean Spanley” with Peter O’Toole and Sam Neil

Sometimes while reading a book or watching a movie, a statement will jump out and you can’t write it down fast enough. The above statement was a beautiful reminder of how we “suffer” when we cannot accept what evidently was inevitable. When something tragic happens we experience horror and non-acceptance immediately. ‘Oh My God, I don’t believe it.’ It is a total shock. Unless we can come to accept that it was somehow inevitable it will continue to traumatize us for months, years and decades in a never ending stream of memories from the past.

In the past year we had an unexpected sudden death in our family. We wonder “why him; or why us?” Our emotions fixate; and we are consumed by the “If only ___ or What if ____ or Why didn’t ___” and the rollercoaster of regrets. However, these thoughts are a waste of psychic energy if it was inevitable in the first place. It was supposed to happen; and so it did; it was preordained; so let it go.

Mystics and spiritual teachers say this world and everything in it is an illusion and that life is a classroom. Each soul comes to learn lessons for its progression and everything that happens is part of the “script” for that soul’s lesson plan. Dr. Brian L. Weiss in his book, ‘Many lives, Many Masters’ recounts several startling cases of past life regressions with case histories of soul evolution through reincarnation.

If our true identity is Spirit, eternal, changeless and formless then no one dies or even can die. Bodies die however and we believe the body is “who” we/they are and become attached to them, we love them. When we realize the eternal Spirit residing within each of us is our identity, we will not suffer when inevitably the soul/spirit leaves the body that hosted it. We each have an individual script and lessons to learn but our Spirit/Soul never dies.

Whatever our script may be, we have two choices: to listen to the voice of love within our mind or the ego voice of fear. The ego thoughts, “regret, if only or “why” will keep the misery, guilt, blame, grief and emotional distractions going forever. How long do you want to suffer? Vigilance is needed because thoughts are seemingly as innocent as a fuzzy drifting dandelion seed until they land and take root. Here’s an exercise: Simply watch all thoughts of regret and pain; do not judge yourself; don’t deny or believe them; just notice and observe the ego in action. Then withdraw your belief in them. Wait for peace to descend.
When you feel peaceful again say:
*“I can be hurt by nothing but my thoughts.
I can elect to change all thoughts that hurt.
The Love in my Mind is my guide today.”

By holding the hand of love within your mind, the ego thoughts are seen for what they are. You, the director of your powerful mind can change them by choosing Love within. Looking and letting go of regret and ego held
grievances truly is forgiveness.

Accepting is surrendering; it was a lesson for all the souls involved. It was
inevitable and nothing could have been done differently, because it wasn’t. We give up blame and all residue of resentment. We always share the Love and Oneness with those who have gone. The mercy of inner peace is now present.

*Excerpted from A Course In Miracles workbook lessons 281 and 284.


The Price of Peace

The Price of Peace

Water Lillies

There is a price to pay for inner peace. Can you put your nickel in the gum ball machine and LOVE whatever color of gum comes out? Do you really want a red or blue gumball? How upset will you be if you don’t get what you want? Do you enjoy that upset?

This is a silly example of giving up having our way or controlling what is going on around us. At some point we need to surrender. There are some things we just can’t control. Control really boils down to fear and worrying about the future. What if (blank) happens? That is a fearful thought and worrying is not peaceful? Our survival does depend on a certain amount of thinking ahead. For instance: “If I don’t step on the brakes I’ll hit that truck.” But worrying about visiting a relative or having an operation always defeats peace. Giving up is the price of peace. Letting whatever happens, happen means we are letting go. It will happen anyway. And when it happens accept it. It was meant to be – it just is. Grievances or un-forgiveness is hanging on to what could, should or might have been. It is not peaceful.

Why do we hang on? We need to realize and understand that we have a split mind. It is split between the ego and the higher Self. Part of us, the ego, likes to suffer. It must or otherwise we would not do it. By taking control of the mind we observe the ego and now there is a choice. We can choose it or to listen to the higher Self. That is paying the price for peace.

Give up the ego and choose to love whatever color comes out of the gum ball machine. That is paying the price for peace and not a big one either.

Just listen to love.

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